Refund Policy

Last Updated: 03/Jan/2024

Thank you for choosing LuxeBling for your IPTV subscriptions. We strive to provide top-quality services to meet your needs. However, we understand that there may be situations where you require a refund. Please read this refund policy carefully to understand your rights and responsibilities when seeking a refund from LuxeBling.

IPTV Subscription Refund Policy:

We do not offer refunds for IPTV subscription purchases.
However, we provide a 2-hour test period for all IPTV subscriptions, during which you can assess the service’s compatibility and quality.
Subscription cancellations are not allowed at any time during the subscription period.

General Refund Terms:

  • All refund requests must be submitted to our customer support team via
  • General Server Issues: In the event of server-related problems that affect all users, and it is beyond our control, we may not be held responsible for any resulting issues. We will make reasonable efforts to address and resolve server-related problems promptly.
  • Please provide a valid reason for your refund request, along with any supporting documentation.
  • LuxeBling reserves the right to refuse a refund request if we believe it violates our terms of service or if there is evidence of misuse or abuse of our products or services.
  • 1 screen is one iptv code / 2 screens are two iptv codes / 3 screens are three iptv codes